If you are thinking about purchasing a diamond, you have to think about getting the best quality diamond that is worth every penny you spend. Diamonds come in a range of sizes, shapes, colors, and qualities. Because you will be spending a fortune on the diamond, the least you can do for yourself is to learn the aspects that help determine a diamond’s worth.

Everybody has heard about the four main aspects that determine the value of a diamond. But just knowing what they are is not enough. You have to be able to test the diamond on these aspects. At Brilliant Earth, there’s something for every diamond enthusiast.

The best diamond shines

The first thing you should notice in a diamond is its cut and its sculpture. It should be cut in a manner that enables it to reflect as much light as possible. This also means that the diamond would shine the most if it is properly cut. It might sound simple on paper, but a layman finds it hard to understand the matter practically. It is recommended that you find a professional to do the needful. In any case, you must obtain an AGS or GIA certificate, which would prove that the diamond is perfectly cut.

The color affects the beauty of the ring

The level of light reflected by a diamond depends considerably on the level of whiteness. The whiter the diamond, the higher the level of light reflection. As such, a whiter crystal reflects more lightly and thus shines more radiantly. The diamond is quite valuable especially if you are buying a diamond for an engagement ring as the color directly affects the beauty of the ring.

Flaws should be negligible

No diamond is perfect. They all have their little flaws in the form of tiny presence of other minerals or bubbles of air etc. It is the level of these trivial imperfections that define the value of the diamond. If these inclusions are openly visible to the naked eyes, the diamond’s value is considerably depreciated. The best diamonds are the ones in which the flaws are negligible, and visible only under high power microscopes.

Consider the weight of the diamonds

Carat is typically used to measure the weight of diamonds. One carat is equal to 200 mg, while one ounce is 142 carats. By implication, a bigger diamond has more carats and is thus more expensive.

When buying a diamond, ensure you buy only the best quality piece that you can afford. Don’t buy one just because it has a “discount” or some “special price.” These so-called discounted prices might be marketing hype and nothing more.